Planning to administer polio booster vaccine to young children in the UK

Planning to administer polio booster vaccine to young children in the UK

Keeping in mind the fears of the spread of polio, the Department of Health .

the United Kingdom has planned to administer the booster vaccine of polio to young children.

According to a British media report, the UK Health Security Agency is expected to make an announcement on polio booster doses tomorrow.

The Health Security Agency is planning to deploy booster doses in London, according to the report.

Apart from this, the National Health Services of Great Britain also warned the doctors to be cautious in this regard.

The report also states that no case of polio has been confirmed in a patient yet.

the amount of polio virus samples collected from drains has revealed that it is being transmitted from person to person. Is.

Polio drains are being tested continuously in London and Glasgow in the United Kingdom due to virus samples being found.
The UK’s Health Security Agency says that giving a polio booster vaccine to children under 10 years of age is protective.

polio is a dangerous virus, so they are trying to control the virus early. This virus attacks the central nervous system and damages the cells of the human body that control muscles, resulting in weakness of the hands and feet and even paralysis.

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