Things To Consider Before Creating a Business Exit Plan

Things To Consider Before Creating a Business Exit Plan

A business exit decision is never easy, but it becomes essential if you are selling it for a great amount or want to venture into something new. But exiting a business is never as easy as it seems. First, you started it; now, it is where you always wanted it to be, and you have to ensure that it flourishes in the future. Thus, an effective business exit strategy is needed in place.

You must consider many things when crafting one, or you can take the professional services of Business Appraisers in Dallas and save time and effort.

8 Things to Consider Before Exiting a Business

A business exit strategy is the transfer of ownership of the business. Another party is taking over the business and will be answerable to your stakeholders, responsible for your employees, and loyal to your customers. It is a huge step. Thus, the following factors are vital, and one must consider them before planning an exit strategy.

What Is the Objective of Exit?

What is your objective of exiting the business? Are you planning on entering a new venture? Are you planning a retirement? Are you looking towards making huge profits? Or is there another reason? It must be clear to you and the associated parties to understand the move’s rationality because the trust you built among your people should not be taken for granted.

Which Route Should You Choose?

There are more than one way of exiting a business, but a few are very common, which are discussed here:

Selling The Business

A third party is interested in your business, and you can sell it to them. It can be a competitor or an industry giant who has or has not been in the same business. It is a third party that will be taking over. It is sometimes risky as many people are skeptical of the firm’s future.

Management Buy Out

You, being the promotor or owner of the company, hand over the ownership to your senior management. It is possible when you have a trusted and responsible management team willing to take your venture ahead without you. If this is something you are planning, you must prepare a team that might take years and then plans your exit.

If you don’t know which route is suitable for you, hire a business appraiser in Dallas and take their help.

What’s Your Business’s Value?

This question aligns with your objective of leaving the business. Whether you are looking forward to making a profit out of the deal or you want to leave a prosperous organization. In both cases, you must know your business’s worth and what value you seek for leaving it. Business Valuers or Business Appraisers in Dallas can help you with business valuation.

How Much Do You Own?

Whether the assets are in the company’s name or your name? In the infancy of business, the line between you and the company is very blurred. So, before it causes any complications, you must sit down with your estate planner or consultants and transfer the ownership or extract your assets from the business. It might also result in tax liabilities, and you will need a tax preparer to advise you.

Your Taxes

Transferring a business means you earn huge amounts, which will attract taxes. To avoid huge taxes, meet your CPA or financial experts for tax planning. A business and company are separate entities, and their tax returns must be filed separately. You should ensure that your and your company’s financial records are carefully bifurcated. You must have an expert at hand who knows the laws of succession and M&As.

When Are You Leaving the Business?

The decision to leave the business is not taken overnight. You must thoroughly think about when you think you can leave the business. It can be two years, three years, or even more. You must plan everything and sort out things before you leave. Be it your taxes, litigations, pending patent suits, or settlements. Based on your work, ascertain how much time it will take for you and then decide.

Is Your Team Ready for It?

Leaving a business when you are growing, and you are still expanding is a betrayal. So, you must interact and learn whether your team is ready to work under another owner. Are they in the company because of you or the culture? Answer all these questions, and only when your team is ready, take your decision.

Remove The Unnecessary Elements

Start thinking like an outsider and find out what you would like to change or if any unnecessary elements are weighing your business down. If there are, you must remove them and get your business in the best shape to get the maximum value for it.

You Have the Right Consultants/Advisors

Before making a strategy plan, ensure that you have the best advisors at hand to guide you. It is a messy process, and you might not like what you hear. So, brace yourself and work with only the best industry experts to ensure a smooth transition.


Does it all sound overwhelming? It is, but with an expert to advise you, business exit can be smooth. Hire the best business appraisers in Dallas and take your big step with ease and confidence.

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