Types of men’s shoes, where to wear them, and more

Types of men’s shoes, where to wear them, and more

The creation of the shoe was a natural consequence of the need that man felt to protect his feet from the discomfort of walking on stones and dirt or the danger of stepping on some poisonous animal. Nowadays, it is impossible to be without our shoes, especially for those who work in the corporate world and/or attend large formal events. 

However, not all men know how to use their shoes properly, and in this post I will show you the types of men’s shoes and where to wear them. You know how important they are, don’t you? So let’s learn better to avoid embarrassment.

History of shoes

In Mesopotamia, the region where Iraq is today, it was common to find shoes made of raw leather, tied to the feet with straps of the same material. In Ancient Egypt, shoes were made of straw, papyrus, or palm fiber, and were exclusive to the nobility.

In Greek and Roman civilization, the shoe also began to gain status as a social differentiator. The Greeks launched several models and even created the first specialized shoes for each foot, right and left. However, it is from the Muslim culture that the concept of shoes as we know them today originated.

Starting in the fourth decade of the 20th century, great changes began to take place in the footwear industry, such as the exchange of leather for rubber and synthetic materials, especially in women’s and children’s shoes. Today some shoe brands are symbols of social status, harking back to the Egyptian, Greek, and Roman eras.

Models and types of men’s shoes

Each type of men’s shoe has its own name and specifications, and I will explain a little about each one here!


This shoe originated in Scotland and Ireland, commonly referred to as the Oxford because it was adopted by students at Oxford University. The defining characteristic of the Oxford is the holes in the flaps, for the laces, made in a piece of leather from the sole of the shoe.

It is through these holes that we can differentiate the Oxford from other shoes, since in other models the holes are made in pieces sewn into the middle of the shoe.

Besides the holes, the shoe also has a longer beak and can have a matte or varnished finish, being classified as the most sophisticated men’s shoe, recommended for events that require greater formality and sophistication.


The Derby is very similar to Oxford, being a derivation of the latter. To differentiate between them, it is enough to observe the flange of the shoe. While on the Oxford the flaps are sewn on the same piece of leather as the beak, on the Derby the flaps are sewn over the same piece of leather that comes from the beak.

It is a more casual model compared to the one mentioned above, however, this model is also social and is therefore suitable for wearing with suits and more social clothing.


The shoe derived from the shoes worn by monks in the 15th century, hence the name, is characterized by having a leather strap attached by a metal buckle on the side. There is also a version with two straps and two buckles, called double monk straps, which has been on the rise in recent years. 

Because it is a more practical shoe, it is not as elegant as the Oxford or the Derby. However, it is also considered very elegant, matching with more modern social clothing, such as tailored pants.


The mocassim is a more informal model, characterized by the high side seam that goes from the tip to the side of the instep, and should in no way be worn with a suit. With jeans or twill pants the composition is more appropriate, even for professional environments.


Unlike the previous shoes, the Loafer has no laces or buckles. Most models have a leather band at the top of the instep, sometimes adorned with a metal plate or even a buckle.

It is a causal model, indicated to compose more informal looks. It is also worth mentioning that this model stands out for its versatility, its flexibility and especially its comfort.


This shoe model has a differential that calls everyone’s attention: its sole. This shoe has a lug sole that provides grip and comfort when driving, hence the name given to it. Indicated for use only on informal occasions, such as a walk in the park with the family.

Side gore 

The Side Gore is a model similar to the Loafer, but with two elastic straps on the sides. This model is classic and very comfortable, suitable for casual occasions, and can be worn on more sophisticated occasions.


The Brogue is a model that many people confuse with the Oxford, however, this type of shoe is simply any shoe adorned with those little holes that give it a retro look. The holes can be made in the entire shoe, which is called “Full Brogue”, but there are some, for example, that only have holes in the beak, an ornamentation known as “medallion”. 

As it is a variation of formal shoes, such as the Oxford, the Brogue has a more casual style, but combined with a suit or a social outfit, it stands out, and may leave the look with a more vintage look as well.

Dock side 

The dockside is nothing more than the nautical variable of the traditional moccasin, with the addition of eyelets on the sides and shoelaces, which are usually found in leather, that go through eyelets on the sides of the shoe, from one side to the other. Recommended for informal and simple events.

Shoe care tips

For shoes made of leather, it is recommended to regularly clean your shoe, especially if you wear it every day, remove debris from the surface of the upper with a horsehair brush.

After doing so, moisturize it. If you wear your shoe every day to work, for example, it is recommended that you moisturize it every other week. With the help of a flannel cloth, apply the leather moisturizer over the shoe and spread it lightly to remove the dryness.

In the old days, it was common to say that you should polish your shoes to make them look nicer. The ideal is to polish the shoes every 6 months, because the more grease you use on the shoes, the more they tend to dry out.

Take care of your shoes, after all, besides composing an elegant look, it demonstrates through them greater seriousness and sophistication. It is worth investing, isn’t it?

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