A Connoisseur Collection Doll From Seymour Mann

A Connoisseur Collection Doll From Seymour Mann

A Connoisseur Collection Doll are some of the most treasured and collected dolls available today. These dolls provide a unique and distinct look, and many collectors value them for their representation of a certain style, period, or culture. From Victorian-style dolls to fairy tales to fantasy, the Connoisseur Collection has something for every collector. This article provides an overview of the various types of dolls available in the Connoisseur Collection, as well as their key features and values.

History of the Connoisseur Collection

A Connoisseur Collection Doll also known as the Hess Collection, has been producing dolls since 1988. Owned by the Hess family, the company has a long history of providing quality dolls to collectors. Originally started as a private family business, the company has since grown into the second-largest doll manufacturing company in the United States. The company has received numerous awards and accolades, including the Doll Reader Magazine’s Excellence Award and the International Collectible Exposition’s Best Line of Dolls Award.

types of Dolls in the Collection

A Connoisseur Collection DollĀ  includes many different types of dolls to choose from. These include Victorian-style dolls, fairy tales, fantasy, and contemporary dolls. Each doll is unique and provides something special for the collector. The Victorian style dolls feature intricate details, such as intricate lace dresses and detailed faces. The fairy tale dolls feature traditional princesses, medieval knights, and other characters from well-known stories. The fantasy dolls include elves, dragons, and fairies in unique designs. The contemporary dolls feature modern styles and characters from popular culture.

Features of the Dolls

A Connoisseur Collection Doll features high-quality dolls made with the finest materials and craftsmanship. The dolls are crafted with attention to detail and feature hand-painted faces and delicately sewn dresses and suits. The materials used to make the dolls are lead-free and toxin-free, and the dolls are tested to ensure they meet safety standards. The dolls also include a variety of accessories such as hats, shawls, and purses.

Valuing a Seymour Mann Connoisseur Doll

The value of a Connoisseur Collection doll can vary depending on its condition, age, and rarity. dolls in mint condition with all their original accessories tend to be most valuable. Other factors that can affect the value of a doll include its edition, condition of the outfit and accessories, and provenance. Provenance is the documentation that can link a doll to its original owner or designer, which can add historical and sentimental value to a doll.


A Connoisseur Collection offer the collector a unique and beautiful doll in a wide variety of styles and themes. These dolls are crafted with quality materials and feature intricate details that collectors appreciate. The value of a doll in the collection varies depending on its condition, age, rarity, and other factors. Collectors who purchase a Seymour Mann doll can rest assured they have made a valuable and cherished addition to their collection.


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