The Inspirational Story of Mully Make A Wish Incident

The Inspirational Story of Mully Make A Wish Incident

Mully Make A Wish incident, also known as Mullyamu Oorayiram, is an inspirational story of a young boy who wished to touch and preach to thousands, even though he was unable to move or utter a word. The incident, being one of its kind, has touched the hearts of many and is continues to inspire people. In this article, we will read and understand the story, the characters involved and the life-altering event that took place in Tamil Nadu over a decade ago.

What is the Mully Make A Wish Incident?

The Mully Make A Wish incident had its origins in a town called Mulyanur in the Tamil Nadu region of South India. It took place over a decade ago, when a young boy named Mully was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. His condition meant he had physical disabilities, was unable to move or speak and was in the ICU at a local hospital. However, despite his condition, Mully never stopped having faith and he made a simple wish—to touch and preach to thousands.

To make his wish come true, his neighbours, friends, and family raised money and organized a special worship service. During the service, Mully was lifted onto the stage with the help of a crane and a cloth was used to move his body according to the commands given by Brahmashree Narasimhaswamy, the leader of the event. Thousands of people had gathered to witness this unique experience, and after the service, the crowd was moved by it.

The Inspirational Characters Involved

Various people played a role in making Mully’s dream come true. Firstly, there was Brahmashree Narasimhaswamy, a spiritual leader who agreed to lead the special service. Besides him, there was Mully’s family and friends who gave their unconditional love and support and raised money for the event to take place. Moreover, local villagers and townsfolk were also involved in making the dream come true as they spread the word and encouraged people to attend.

How the Incident Changed Lives

Mully Make A Wish incident moved many hearts and changed the lives of many. For the local people, it showed them the strength in their faith and that miracles can happen if one has faith. For Mully’s family, it showed them the power of hope and the love and care of the people around them. It was also an opportunity for people to witness something extraordinary and different—something people had not seen before.


The Mully Make A Wish incident was an inspirational story that sent ripples across the country and touched the hearts of many. It showed us the power of faith and hope, and that nothing is impossible if one has will-power and the support of loved ones. The incident is still remembered till today and continues to inspire people around the world.

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