Is Fax a Scrabble Word?

Is Fax a Scrabble Word?

Are you a fan of the classic word-formation game,Is Fax a Scrabble Word?? If so, you may have wondered before if the word ‘fax’ is allowed in the game. The answer is that yes, fax is indeed an acceptable word in Scrabble. This article will provide a more detailed answer to this question as well as provide interesting facts about the word ‘fax’ for those who are curious about this popular game.

What is Scrabble and How is it Played?

Scrabble is an immensely popular word game that involves constructing words from an assortment of letter tiles which are provided to each player. The main objective of Scrabble is to score the highest amount of points by creating valid words. Each letter tile has a score associated with it which is determined by its difficulty and rarity. Once a player has placed their word on the board and declared it valid, the scores for the corresponding letter tiles are added up and the highest-scorer wins the game.

Is Fax a Valid Word in Scrabble?

The answer to this question is yes; fax is indeed a valid word in Scrabble. In the official Scrabble dictionary, ‘fax’ is an acceptable word and can be used when playing the game. The point value for the word ‘fax’ is 11 which is relatively high-scoring considering that the game’s highest-valued letter tile is the letter ‘Q’ which is worth 10 points.

How Does the Word Fax Relate to Scrabble?

The word fax has its roots in the Latin word ‘facsimile’ which can be translated to mean ‘make alike’. In the modern context, fax is referring to the process of the transfer of written documents by means of a telephone network. This process is also referred to as ‘facsimiling’ which is where the word ‘fax’ is derived. The word ‘fax’ is related to Scrabble as it has been incorporated into the game and is an acceptable word when playing.

. Is There a Strategy to Choose Words in Scrabble?

Yes there is! There are certain strategies and tips which players can use to help increase their scores and improve their play. Firstly, it’s important to consider the points associated with each letter tile when constructing words. As mentioned before, the letter ‘Q’ is the highest-scoring tile in the game so it should be used in preference to other letters if possible. Furthermore, pay attention to the multipliers on the board which can boost the score of a particular word.

What Other Words Related to Fax Can be Used in Scrabble?

Is Fax a Scrabble Word? there are numerous other words related to the word that can be used in Scrabble. These include words such as ‘facsimile’, ‘facsimileing’, ‘faxed’, ‘faxing’ and ‘faxes’. All of these words share a similar point value to ‘fax’ which is 11 and can be used to create the same amount of points when playing the game. Additionally, words related to ‘fax’ such as ‘transmit’ and ‘transmission’ can also be used in Scrabble and are scored the same as the word ‘fax’.


The answer to the question of whether ‘Is Fax a Scrabble Word? is a Scrabble word or not is yes. This derives from the fact that fax is an accepted English word, and is listed in the dictionary. Additionally, it is also an accepted word in any competitive word game since it contains a legitimate five letter pattern. Thus, the answer to the question is an affirmative one.

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