What To Do If Your Drug Tests Fail?

What To Do If Your Drug Tests Fail?

Drug screening for employment has become mandatory in many workplaces today. It is a massive aid when it comes to hiring the right candidate. It not only promotes worksite safety, as the employees who are not under any influence of alcohol or drugs will have better productivity, but it also prevents employee absenteeism.

One study found that employees who regularly use drugs or alcohol were three times more likely to miss a meeting due to an injury. They can also physically and verbally abuse their colleagues, disrupting the workplace environment. In addition, clean employees often feel threatened by co-workers who engage in drug use. By doing regular testing and promoting a drug-free environment, you can ensure everyone works in harmony.

Considering its importance, if you fail a drug test, problems can arise. So many questions can come to your mind, like will you get fired, will the police be involved, or will you get arrested? Scroll down to explore some of these questions and other aspects of failed drug tests.

What to do when an employee’s drug testing fails?

Firstly, a positive test result doesn’t always mean you are using drugs. False positives are also possible; employers are well aware of this, so they might ask you to redo the test. However, some companies assume a positive result means you have used some drug but sometimes still give you a second chance to come clean. During this period, they can ask you to take counselling classes while on a temporary leave to sober up. After a while, you can be asked to undergo another test before returning to work, and if you pass this test, you can resume work as usual. Some companies may also conduct weekly or monthly tests for a short span to ensure you are not engaging with drugs again. During this time, a failed drug test can result in immediate termination.

Do employers hire you if you fail a drug test?

If drug testing is part of a screening application, the company can revoke your job offer if you fail the test. If the results are proven to be legitimate, there is a high chance of losing your job. However, different rules apply to different states. For example, employers in Vermont can not legally fire you if you agree to undergo rehabilitation. Some states even direct employers to give employees time to sober up and get retested. The only silver lining in this situation is that your career can still be saved, and another company can rehire you. But only if you complete a Return to Duty process, which Substance Abuse Professionals administer.

What are the various sorts of failed drug tests?

The most common substance that causes a failed result is marijuana. Although in some states, marijuana is recognized as legal, the laws can get complicated. If an employee is legally allowed to use marijuana because of some health condition, they must show proof of it. This also applies to other illegal drugs with medicinal uses, like opioids. In the case of an employee with a prescription to use drugs, the employer can deal with the situation on merit after consulting with medical professionals. Usually, immediate termination does not happen in this case. In other cases where there is no medical use, companies restrain from differentiating between different substances that can cause a failed result. The consequences of a failed heroine test will be the same as a failed cocaine test.

What are the alternate options after a drug test fails?

If you receive a failed drug test result but are sure you did not engage with any abusive substance, do not accept the result, and talk to your HR or supervisor immediately. In this scenario, you will need to disclose all the prescription drugs and food you have been consuming and any herbal substances that can cause a false positive result. If you have enough evidence to prove that despite the failed drug test, you have not been using any drugs, your result will be changed to negative.

Even in this case, the lab will perform a confirmatory test on your urine sample, which is considered the most precise testing. If you fail this test, it means you are still positive. You can terminate your job or cancel your offer letter immediately if this happens. However, returning to work in the future can be possible if you commit to rehabilitation with a professional treatment provider.

Often it can be challenging for employers to navigate employee drug screening. Employers need to follow many steps and policies, like how the tests are performed, which drugs are tested, and how the results are read to ensure fair hiring practices. If an employee fails a drug test, knowing what to do next is crucial for both the employer and the employee. In most cases, employees are either fired, given another chance, or referred to an employee assistance program. It is necessary to have strong policies in place to ensure a safe work environment.

Drug testing rules can be complicated and require medical knowledge and an understanding of state laws. Employees can present many excuses for failing a drug test, such as being stuck in a vehicle with someone smoking weed or accidentally picking up a brownie at a party. Most employees will argue that the test result is false, so employers must be prepared to deal with such situations. In this case, a medical review will help employers know if the candidate is being truthful because the tests account if the smoke was second-hand or not. When it comes to taking disciplinary action, some companies have stopped testing for marijuana and ignore the initial positive results if the employee’s job is not safety sensitive.

Companies where employees use heavy machinery are much more strict about their substance abuse policies. Hence being aware of the company’s policy where you are working along with your rights can save you a great deal of trouble if a drug test fails.

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