Shopkins Season 1

Shopkins Season 1

In the vast realm of collectibles, few brands have managed to captivate the hearts of both children and adults quite like Shopkins. Among its numerous seasons, Shopkins Season 1 holds a special place as the pioneer that introduced enthusiasts to the whimsical world of these tiny, anthropomorphic grocery and household items. Released in 2014 by Moose Toys, Shopkins Season 1 marked the beginning of a cultural phenomenon that would redefine the concept of toy collecting.

The Birth of Shopkins Season 1:

Shopkins Season 1 burst onto the scene with a delightful array of characters, each embodying a unique personality and charm. The collection featured over 140 miniature, vibrantly colored characters, ranging from fruits and vegetables to household items and sweet treats. This diverse lineup not only appealed to children’s imaginations but also triggered a wave of excitement among collectors, both young and old.

The Mystery Bag Excitement:

One of the defining features of Shopkins Season 1 was the introduction of the blind bag concept. Each Shopkins figure was concealed within a small, opaque bag, creating an element of surprise and anticipation for collectors. The joy of discovering which adorable character lurked inside the mystery bag became a ritual for enthusiasts, fostering a sense of excitement and community within the growing fan base.

Iconic Characters:

Shopkins Season 1 introduced collectors to a plethora of iconic characters that would go on to become the face of the brand. Characters like Apple Blossom, Chee Zee, and Kooky Cookie quickly became fan favorites, each bringing its unique flair to the diverse Shopkins universe. The attention to detail in the design of these miniature figures showcased Moose Toys’ commitment to creating a visually appealing and engaging collectible.

The Shopkins Miniature World:

Beyond the individual characters, Shopkins Season 1 unfolded a vibrant and imaginative miniature world. The various playsets, such as the Small Mart and the Cupcake Queen Cafe, allowed collectors to create their own tiny Shopkins communities. This immersive play experience added an extra layer of enjoyment to the collecting journey, as enthusiasts could engage in imaginative storytelling with their beloved characters.

The Rarity Hierarchy:

Shopkins Season 1 introduced the concept of rarity, categorizing the figures into common, rare, ultra-rare, special edition, and limited edition. This rarity hierarchy added an element of strategy to the collecting process, encouraging enthusiasts to trade with friends, attend swap events, and engage in the thrill of the hunt to complete their collections. The scarcity of certain characters made them highly coveted, elevating the excitement surrounding each new blind bag opening.

Collecting and Trading Culture:

Shopkins Season 1 not only sparked the joy of collecting but also gave rise to a vibrant trading culture. Enthusiasts would gather to exchange duplicates, completing their sets and forging connections with fellow collectors. This communal aspect of Shopkins collecting fostered a sense of camaraderie and shared passion, turning the hobby into a social experience for many.

The Shopkins Craze:

As Shopkins Season 1 gained popularity, it became more than just a toy collection; it evolved into a cultural phenomenon. The craze extended beyond the confines of homes and playgrounds, with Shopkins-themed merchandise, animated webisodes, and even live events captivating the hearts of fans worldwide. The distinct charm of Shopkins Season 1 played a pivotal role in establishing the brand as a global sensation.

Legacy and Impact:

The success of Shopkins Season 1 laid the foundation for subsequent seasons, each introducing new characters, playsets, and themes. The legacy of Season 1 endures in the hearts of collectors who fondly reminisce about the thrill of discovering their first Shopkins and the joy of completing their sets. The impact of Shopkins on the toy industry cannot be overstated, as it redefined the way people approach collectibles, emphasizing the importance of both play and community.


Shopkins Season 1 remains a nostalgic treasure trove for collectors, serving as a reminder of the enchanting journey that began with those first blind bag openings. The combination of adorable characters, imaginative playsets, and the thrill of the unknown turned Shopkins into a cultural phenomenon that transcended generations. As we reflect on the success of Season 1, it’s evident that Shopkins has left an indelible mark on the world of collectibles, creating a legacy that continues to bring joy to the hearts of fans young and old.