How to save Tumblr Gifs

How to save Tumblr Gifs

In the realm of internet culture, GIFs have become the quintessential medium for expressing emotions, reactions, and conveying messages with a touch of humor or nostalgia. Tumblr, a microblogging and social networking site, has long been a hub for sharing and discovering an endless array of GIFs. However, saving these GIFs from Tumblr isn’t always as straightforward as right-clicking and saving an image. With a few tricks and tools up your sleeve, you can easily save Tumblr GIFs to your device for future enjoyment. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore various methods and tips to help you save Tumblr GIFs hassle-free.

Understanding Tumblr GIFs:

Before delving into the methods of saving Tumblr GIFs, it’s essential to understand how they function within the platform. GIFs on Tumblr are essentially animated images that users upload to their blogs or reblog from others. These GIFs can range from snippets of movies and TV shows to original creations, conveying a wide spectrum of emotions and ideas.

Method 1: Saving GIFs Directly from Tumblr:

One of the simplest methods to save Tumblr GIFs is by directly downloading them from the platform. Here’s how:

  1. Navigate to the GIF: Browse Tumblr until you find the GIF you want to save.
  2. Right-click and Save: Once you’ve located the GIF, right-click on it. If the GIF is directly embedded into a post, you may see an option to save the GIF by right-clicking on it and selecting “Save image as…” or a similar option depending on your browser.
  3. Choose the Destination: Select a destination on your device where you want to save the GIF and click “Save.”

This method works well for standalone GIFs posted on Tumblr without any additional complexities.

Method 2: Using a GIF Downloader Extension:

For users who prefer a more streamlined approach, using a browser extension can be a game-changer. Several extensions are available for popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox, specifically designed to download GIFs from various websites, including Tumblr. Here’s how to use one:

  1. Install the Extension: Search for and install a reputable GIF downloader extension from your browser’s extension store.
  2. Navigate to the GIF: Once installed, navigate to the Tumblr page containing the GIF you wish to save.
  3. Click the Download Button: Look for the extension icon in your browser’s toolbar and click on it while on the Tumblr page. This should prompt the extension to detect and offer to download the GIF.
  4. Confirm Download: Confirm the download, and the GIF will be saved to your designated download folder.

Method 3: Using a Tumblr GIF Downloader Website:

If browser extensions aren’t your preference, you can utilize online Tumblr GIF downloader websites. These platforms are specifically designed to extract and save GIFs from Tumblr URLs. Here’s how it works:

  1. Copy the GIF URL: Go to Tumblr and find the post containing the GIF you want to save. Copy the URL of the post.
  2. Visit a GIF Downloader Site: Open your browser and search for a Tumblr GIF downloader website. There are several options available, so choose one that you find reliable.
  3. Paste the URL: Once on the downloader website, paste the Tumblr post URL into the designated field.
  4. Download the GIF: After pasting the URL, the website should analyze the post and present you with options to download the GIF. Click on the download button, and the GIF will be saved to your device.

Tips for Saving Tumblr GIFs:

  1. Check for Source: Whenever possible, try to find the original source of the GIF. This ensures proper attribution to the creator and avoids potential copyright issues.
  2. Quality Consideration: Pay attention to the quality of the GIF you’re saving. Higher resolution and smoother animations make for a better viewing experience.
  3. Respect Copyright: Be mindful of copyright laws when saving and sharing GIFs from Tumblr. Avoid reposting content without proper permission or attribution.
  4. Organize Your Collection: If you’re an avid collector of Tumblr GIFs, consider organizing them into folders or using specialized software to manage your collection efficiently.


Saving Tumblr GIFs doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the right methods and tools at your disposal, you can effortlessly collect and enjoy your favorite GIFs from the platform. Whether you prefer the simplicity of direct downloads, the convenience of browser extensions, or the versatility of online downloader websites, there’s a method suited to your preferences. Just remember to always respect the creators’ rights and enjoy your GIF collection responsibly.

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